After 44 Years Of Dating, This Couple Finally Got Married

A British couple, who live in Belle Isle located in the United Kingdom, recently took the plunge and walked down the aisle after dating for over 40 years.

Here comes the bride—44 years later!

Sally and Colin Dunn, who reside in Belle Isle, UK, have proved that patience is a virtue after getting married this past weekend after dating for 44 years.

The couple were previously married and Sally has four kids from a previous relationship, according to the Huffington Post. 

“We lived as man and wife but we were always so busy looking after the children,” Colin, 84, told the Yorkshire Evening Post.  “We were happy as we were.”

After their children moved out, the two thought that they would certainly get married after all the time had passed by.

married after 44 years of dating

“All of a sudden the children were growing up and leaving home and it was just me and Sally, so we thought it was finally time to become man and wife. 'But we kept on saying, ‘it’ll be next year, it’ll be next year’... we were happy as we were,” Colin told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The couple also have grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are able to experience their grandparents’ devotion to one another.

Middleton Social Club was the place where the couple met and cupid’s arrow struck them for eternity.

married after 44 years of dating

Sally worked at the bar of the social club where Colin was a frequent customer. The couple were both in their 30s at the time.

This past Saturday, the couple took time out of their busy lives and finally spoke their wedding vows to each other and tied the knot at St. Mary’s Church in Middleton.

The couple got married in front of over 100 of their dearest friends and family. 

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