Biological Sisters Go Viral For Drastically Different Appearances

"Love is love!" said the caption of a Love What Matters Facebook post, in which a mother of two describes the extreme physical dissimilarities between her kids.

Generally, full-blood siblings bear some physical semblance of likeness — whether it be the same colored eyes, similar smiles, or nearly identical skin tones, there are usually several distinctive traits indicative of close relation.

Sisters Willimina and Valentina, however, defy this standard, Someecards reports

An Iowa mom posted photos of her daughters to the Love What Matters Facebook page. Needless to say, these siblings look almost nothing alike. Their story is incredibly sweet.

The woman writes that her first daughter, Willimina, is a "spitting image" of their father, who's black — however, baby sister Valentina looks just like their mother, who's white. 

The unique beauty of this racially mixed family is stunning. 

The mom of two writes,

"Watching our girls grow up and interact is truly the greatest gift in the world. The only difference Willimina sees in her baby sister is that she has 'big chunky cheeks.' Do I worry about them growing up in this crazy world with 'different skin colors?' No, not at all. My husband and I will raise them no differently, treat them no differently, and, most importantly, love them no differently. Kids are colorblind and love is every color of the rainbow. Genetics do crazy things and skin color doesn't matter in the eyes of children."

In a lovely show of support, many Facebook users shared photos of their interracial families.  

Our hearts are sufficiently warmed. 

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