Customer Tips $750 To Save Waiter's Holiday Plans

A woman shared a story on Facebook about her boyfriend who received a generous $750 tip from a customer so he could go home to Ireland for the holidays.

There have been some bad years in the course of history and it seems 2016 will go down as one of them.

We lost some of our favorite musicians in David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, and then to top it off Donald Trump was elected president.

Despite our proclivity for misery, a charitable and generous soul comes along and reminds us that, as the Bible says, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning…”

And cometh it did for one lucky man in Houston, Texas.

Taryn Keith shared a story on Facebook about a random and selfless act of kindness that happened to her boyfriend, Ben, while he was at work.

Ben received a $750 tip on a $122.87 bill from one of his customers, with a note on the receipt that read, “Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays."

In the post’s caption, Keith explained that her boyfriend is from Ireland and wants to take his family to Ireland to meet his parents after their baby is born.

She also added, "Thought I would share it to show everyone that’s there is not only hate out there [sic]."

The post was picked up by the Love What Matters Facebook page, where it quickly went viral and has since been shared more than 6,700 times.

Given the cynicism of today’s culture and the polarized society we live in, stories like these are a helpful reminder of the innate goodness of people.

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