Bush's Lawyer Wants Trump Impeached For Not Producing Flynn Documents

Richard W. Painter tweeted, "US House must subpoena the docs. If no compliance, impeach. Zero tolerance for WH covering up foreign payoffs."

Richard W. Painter, chief ethics lawyer for former President George W. Bush, wants President Donald Trump impeached due to possible foreign payoffs to Russia and Turkey, The Independent reports.

The White House has not yet handed over the documents regarding the payments, which were tied to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who reportedly accepted money from work with Russia and Turkey.

Flynn resigned from his position after news broke about his shady connections with Russian officials and reportedly not informing Vice President Mike Pence about his foreign contact. 

Now, Painter wants Trump overthrown:

As The Independent points out, the White House is not obligated to present the paperwork until a subpoena is issued — and it hasn't yet.  

Twitter weighed in on the White House's failure to produce the documents so far, and a possible impeachment (some are hopeful, and some aren't).

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