Firefighters Turn Classic Trabant Into A ‘Flying Car’ Using Only Water

The little red car admittedly looks quite cool held mid-air, and almost seems like it was specifically designed to fly people from one spot to another.

In what looked like a scene straight out of an action movie, firefighters in Oppin, Germany, were filmed raising a car up in the air just with the help of a few water hoses and, of course, balloons.

Initially, the Trabant only lifts up from one side before ascending into mid-air. Gushes of water can be seen pouring down from the vehicle as the firemen hold onto ropes attached to the car in order to bring it back to the ground.

The Trabant automobile was produced during the mid to late '90s by an East German automaker. Apparently, the car was known to be noisy, dirty, uncomfortable and slow to top it all.

However, its features were what set it apart. With a hard plastic body, front-wheel drive, a transversely mounted engine and independent suspension, the car had features that were unusual for its era. The Trabant was also known as a "spark plug with a roof.”

For now, since we are not sure of whether the water was recycled or not, one cannot comment on the possible water wastage. But we must admit the car, held up in mid air with only water pressure, looks quite cool. In fact, it seems like it was specifically designed to be a flying car.

Perhaps that’s why it was so uncomfortable to use on land.

Check out the video above.

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