Ad Reminds People Christmas Is Not About Holiday Consumerism

The ad reminds us to not lose ourselves in the preparations of festivities to the extent that we miss out on what’s really important.

As Christmas and black Friday approach, a number of ads promoting consumerism have surfaced the internet. However, some of them are simultaneously sending out amazing messages of friendship, respect, love and the importance of family.

After a recently released Amazon ad promoting interfaith friendship between a vicar and Muslim Imam tugged at our heartstrings, a new ad from the Germany grocery chain Edeka is giving out a bold message of morality.

The coming of holiday festivals such as Christmas brings with it a surge in sales of a variety of products, some bought as gifts and others purchased for personal use as a result of fabulous discounts. But in the midst of it all, the real purpose of the festivity is often left out, that is, spending quality time with loved ones. 

The touching Edeka advert features a couple so caught up in preparations for Christmas that they tend to look over their children’s needs, and the fact that they are being neglected. From making sure the lights are up, and gifts are bought to ensuring the family has the best cake prepared, the man and woman are seen running about getting a bunch of errands done.

"Still need stuff from every store. Still need to do so, so much more,” the poem reads."Still need to bake the coolest cakes. Still need to trudge through the markets 'til I ache."

But the video soon diverts to an important message: that nothing is more important than being there for your children and family, and that essentially makes all the ups and downs in life worthwhile.

This is not the first ad by the German supermarket that hit home. Last year it released an ad than reduced thousands and thousands of people to tears. The video showed an old man who faked his own death just so that he could have the chance to spend Christmas with his family, since everyone was too preoccupied to make time for him.

Check out the video above. 

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