Spot The Ghostly Surprise In This Victorian Photo Of Mill Workers

Look closely at the photo and you’ll spot a woman on the far right in the dark shirt has an extra “object” which will send a shiver down your spine.


A supernatural mystery from the year 1900 has emerged that would send shivers down your spine.

The photo in the tweet above shows a group of Irish mill workers posing for a photo in their uniform. At a glance, it appears as normal as any other photo, however, a closer look will reveal a rather scary secret object hiding in plain sight.

Give up?

Here’s what’s going on here: The young lady on the far right, in the third row has a hand resting on her shoulder.

And there’s no one standing behind her over the side of the line-up.

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The eerie photo was first submitted to Belfast Live by a reader, Lynda, who claims it is an old photo of their grandmother.

“Great to see an old photo of my Granny, in the by-gone years photo, when she worked at the mill,” Lynda wrote. "She was Ellen Donnelly (nee McKillop) and she is fourth on the right in the second row down [of the main picture, below]. My dad has this photo at home… a family ghost picture!!”

“There have been a few odd going-ons around this photo,” she added.

Belfast Live noted the “hand” neither appears to be a case of faulty lighting nor a ruffle on the girl’s shirt, a conclusion that doesn’t solve the mystery but makes it even creepier.

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 Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Wikipedia

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