Giant Bird Startles Weatherman By Photobombing Live Broadcast

A bird bravely photobombed a live broadcast of KTVU’s weather forecast, prompting weatherman Mark Tamayo to step back from the green screen.

A bird and its beak made a cameo appearance during KTVU’s live broadcast.

Weatherman Mark Tamayo was presenting the forecast in front of a lovely view of the San Francisco Bay when what looked like a raven came poking its beak at the camera, according to Mashable.

The bird didn’t look like it was trying to get a piece of Tamayo, but Tamayo backed away from the green screen less than five seconds after the bird appeared on the screen and looked straight into the camera.

"The camera itself told a great story — to talk about the fog in the Friday forecast. All of a sudden, I see a head looking down like a curious character looking to see what's up. I just didn't know what to say," Tamayo said, according to KTVU.

His sudden departure from the frame stems from a similar experience a few months back when another bird flew into his shot, leaving him rattled. His reaction makes sense because, oftentimes, when humans overreact at the sight of an animal things go left.

Sometimes, animals just don’t know how much humans fear them even when they’re being friendly, curious, or playful. A good example is a silverback gorilla from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, that failed at photobombing a selfie.

A man was posing for a picture behind a window when the 180-kilogram (or nearly 400-pound) gorilla started to run, then launched itself from a rock and slammed into the window.

While Tamayo's wildlife encounter was much more mild than that, it’s always best to be safe than sorry at all times.

Banner/Thumbnail Image Credit: Pixabay, mgabor

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