A Woman Created A Huge Meme By Cleaning Trump’s Hollywood Star

An apparent Trump supporter stopped by the president’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star to clean it and unwittingly created a hilarious Twitter meme.


President Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star in Los Angeles, California, has been a target of vandalism ever since the former reality TV star announced his bid for presidency.

For instance, just last month, someone covered the Hollywood star with #Resist stickers. Before that, an artist made headlines for building a miniature wall around the pink star, making a statement against Trump’s election pledge to build a “big, beautiful” wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact, a few weeks before the November election, a man actually took a sledgehammer to the star and smashed it to bits.

Perhaps it was all this mockery and lack of respect towards the man who famously bragged about molesting women that inspired a Twitter user named Makenna Greenwald to make a pit stop at the president’s star and clean it – to you know, show some respect to the man who has a hard time respecting other.

The picture went viral, mostly among conservatives, who did not waste time drawing comparison between Greenwald’s act of “patriotism” and the protesters defacing the star. The unofficial Donald Trump fan club president, Sean Hannity, and the president’s son, Eric, thanked the woman for taking time out to make America great again.


Alt-right social media personality and infamous conspiracy theorist, Mike Cernovich, also took to social media to comment on the picture.


Well, little did he know, his tweet would prompt thousands of Twitter users to respond with their own version of Greenwald’s tribute, using the hashtag #RaisedRight.

People took to the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars of their favorite celebrities:












As it turns out, many people want Shrek to be their president





…or one of these:




Those who couldn’t make it to the Walk of Fame, posted their own hilarious tributes – because when has distance stopped people on the internet from mocking others?







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