Girl Googles A Murderer For School Project, Discovers He’s Her Dad

While Googling criminals’ names for a high school research project, a teen found out her biological father is a notorious convicted murderer in Britain.

Here’s something you don’t hear about every day: A 14-year-old girl learned her father was a notorious murderer while conducting research for a school assignment.

Britain’s Ian Huntley — also known as the “Soham killer” —was convicted of killing two 10-year-old girls named Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, according to Yahoo News.

Huntley’s daughter, Samantha Bryan, was asked to research “notorious crimes” for her citizenship class and saw a photo of herself and her mother pop up on Google during her search.

“It was like being thumped in the chest,” Bryan, now 18, reportedly said. “I began to shake, I couldn’t stop the tears.”

According to The Telegraph, Bryan was only four years old at the time of the 2002 murders and never met her biological father. Her stepfather, Martin Bryan, is who she identifies as her “Dad.”

While she could have carried on anonymously, Bryan spoke out to prove she is nothing like her biological father despite their matching DNA.

“I try not to even say his name, as to do that is to acknowledge his existence,” she said. “I hate him. He's never been my dad; he's nothing more than a sperm donor. To know he is genetically connected to me sickens me. I'm speaking out, as I refuse to be ashamed for existing, otherwise I'd become just another of his victims. To acknowledge him as anything else would be to give him a power I will never let him hold over me.”

She expressed strong contempt for her father’s actions and admitted she feels for the loved ones of the girls' lives he took.

“I didn't cause the pain, suffering and anguish he has caused to so many people, although I think of his victims and their families,” she said. “I feel so terribly sorry for Holly and Jessica's parents for what he's done — especially with young sisters myself. Ever since I found out about the girls, I've thought about what they must have felt.”

Huntley is currently serving two life sentences in prison and was ordered to serve 40 years before being eligible for parole.

Bryan is a trainee paramedic who maintains that she doesn’t carry an ounce of her father’s evil within her. “I will make a positive difference with my life,” she said. “I want to help others... the exact opposite of everything he stands for and ever will.”

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