Girl's Reaction To Boyfriend Gifting Her An Empty Box Goes Viral

A young man tweeted his interaction with his girlfriend after he texted her that he got her an empty box for Christmas — and she responded with a priceless reaction.

The holidays would be a lot simpler if all gift-givers were as in-synch and easy-to-please as this couple.

Twitter user Braxtation tweeted his interaction with his girlfriend after he told her what he was getting her — an empty box.

"This was my girl's reaction to me giving her an empty box," said Braxtation. 

His girlfriend was apparently overjoyed at the gift, saying, "YESSSS (sic) BABE!! I can put my jewelry in it, I wanted a simple box for a bit."

Twitter was both puzzled and delighted by this outcome. The post quickly went viral with over 19,000 re-tweets and 60,000 likes at this count.

Braxtation posted that he had to turn his mentions off due to the influx of notifications.

A few other people attempted to copycat the holiday gift to hilarious results, ranging from neutral to potentially-relationship-ending.

If only we could all be just as happy with something as simple as this Christmas gift. From this gesture, it's obvious that Braxtation and his minimalist girl are made for each other, and that he knocked this season's gift-giving out of the park.

The big question we're all left with: What is she going to get him in return? A paper bag? A pencil? Let's hope he's just as thrilled!

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Natashi Jay

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