Ex-Convict Misses Job Interview To Save Car Crash Victim

A former convict, who is trying to make a life for himself after prison, sacrificed a job interview to help rescue a man who was trapped underneath a car.

It’s nice to know that we still live in a society where if someone sees an individual in need of help, he will jump in and lend a helping hand to the situation instead of turning a blind eye. That’s exactly what happened when Aaron Tucker, an ex convict, came to the rescue of a complete stranger who had been trapped beneath an overturned vehicle.

The New York Daily News Reports, that 32-year-old Tucker was on a bus headed to a long-awaited job interview in Stamford, Connecticut the morning of June 13, when he saw from the bus window, smoke pouring out of a car that had been flipped over. According to the newspaper Tucker stated, “I looked up and saw a car flipped over right in front of the bus, so I ran to try to jump off the bus.” He noted that the bus driver didn’t seem to care about the accident, and when he asked the bus driver if he would wait for him he said, “No, I am going to leave you.”.  How rude! What is wrong with people?

Tucker decided to get off the bus anyway, meaning that he was going to miss his job interview. When he got to the car he found the driver still strapped into his seatbelt hanging upside down. He managed to safely remove the man from the car, and after realizing the injured driver was bleeding from his head, Tucker used the shirt off his back to slow down the bleeding.

What a quick thinker to make a tourniquet from the shirt he was supposed to wear to the interview. What a selfless man. The world definitely needs more people like Tucker in the world, and in such a crazy world we are living in right now, it’s a great feeling knowing people like him still exist.

Until the ambulance came, Tucker kept the man conscious and alive, and the Daily News reports many people in this man’s community are crediting Tucker for saving his life, however, he doesn’t see it that way at all and said: “God put me there to be helpful”.

Even though Tucker did not make his interview for a job as a bus boy, he has received multiple job offers since the story broke about his goodwill. Also, the Westport community where the accident happened has raised over 11,000 via a GoFundMe account they set up for him.

Tucker is very grateful and remains focused on his own goal, which is to provide a safe and happy home for his son who lives with his mother while he is temporarily at a halfway house.  Hopefully, Tucker will stay on the straight and narrow and have the life he wants for both him and his son. 

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Jocelyn Augustino

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