Google Mapped The Most Misspelled Words By State, And It’s Pretty Sad

Google has successfully made Americans look like complete idiots with its 2017 map of misspelled words sorted by state, which includes liar, banana, and nanny.

Although we live in the era of spell-check and “auto correct,” there are still some pesky words we just can’t seem to get right. Naturally, the inclination is to turn to Google.

In honor of #SpellingBeeWeek and all of America’s ridiculous spelling searches, Google mapped the nation’s most misspelled words of 2017.

Some are incredibly sad, some are understandable, and all of them are really random.

Upon reviewing the map, you may have noticed that many Americans have a tough time spelling “beautiful," which is ironic considering we have an entire song dedicated to our country titled, “America the Beautiful.”

People in California, Minnesota, Kentucky, Ohio, and New York all misspelled the word by six to 10 letters, according to Google.

Two actually tricky words that made the map in more than one state are Chihuahua and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which isn’t even a real word, yet folks in West Virginia and Connecticut are misspelling it by 20 or more letters. 

However, what may be the most shocking and perplexing revelation of all is that Wisconsin’s most misspelled word is — wait for it — Wisconsin.

Google noted that the data comes from the search engine’s own U.S. searches from Jan. 1 through April 30 of this year.

Of course, the Twittersphere wasted no time getting their jokes in after the map was released, with many users expressing shame of their own home state’s terrible spelling.

So what did your state misspell the most? Share it with us in the comments.

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