Graduation Held Early For Student's Mom With Pancreatic Cancer

A terminally ill cancer patient wanted to see her daughter graduate from Terry High School in Billings, Montana. Two local women made it happen.

Terry High School in Billings, Montana, will be hosting an early graduation. The reason for the untraditional ceremony is heartbreaking: The valedictorian's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January, and she doesn't have much longer to live, Great Falls Tribune reports.

Carol Grant was determined, however, to see her daughter, Kelsey Grant, graduate. The woman's doctors deemed her unlikely to survive through May 20, the day of Terry High School's regularly scheduled graduation, so two locals stepped in to grant her wish.

Residents Michelle Wolff and Mary Elizabeth Grue organized the impromptu graduation for Kelsey Grant, who dreams of becoming a pediatrician and will be attending Montana State University Billings. The ceremony was cleared by school officials and took place at Prairie Community Hospital on April 26.

The graduation reportedly came as a surprise for Carol, and local businesses even donated a cake, flowers, and a graduation banner to make it special. 

"She clapped and was extremely excited," Carol's husband, Terry Grant, said to the Billings Gazette. "It was nice of them to do something like that."

It's safe to assume, we think, this particular graduation was nothing short of extraordinary.

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