Grandpa Loses Teeth Playing A Game Of 'Speak Out' With His Family

"Oh my god. People want to see my teeth fly out?" said the Grandpa who gained viral fame.

Old age comes with unexpected surprises — some of them can be quite hilarious.

Amy Metcalf Taylor posted a video of her grandfather, on Facebook, in which the 88-year-old can be seen playing a game called “Speak Out” with his family on Christmas.

The game requires everyone to say phrases from a deck of card while wearing a mouth piece, which prevents the mouth from closing.

But things took a surprising turn for Grandpa, Don Briggs, who wore the mouth piece backward and what happened next was just too adorable.

The backward mouth piece caused Briggs dentures to fall off.

“He was saying his card, and we all saw his teeth starting to come loose,” Taylor told local TV station KTRK.

“We all started screaming. He made a face at my daughter, and out they came on the floor.” 

The granddaughter can be heard screaming followed by laughter in the hilarious video. Taylor and the family are excited on Briggs viral fame. His video has been shared over 60 million times.

“Our sweet poppy losing his teeth has just hit 1,000,000 views!!! Thanks everyone for sharing! He has now went viral. I have received messages from people I don’t even know in other states that have seen this and said he made their day and made them smile! That what this is all about!! Please keep sharing him! He is the best teeth loosing poppy in the world,” read her Facebook post.

As for Briggs, he cannot believe he is a popular, viral sensation now.

“Poppy said, ‘OMG. People want to see my teeth fly out?’” said Taylor.

Good work, champ! You were a holiday cheer for all the viewers.

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