Hillary Is Literally Looking Over Trump's Shoulder In White House

Hillary Clinton watched silently over President Donald Trump's shoulder in the White House today as elementary schoolchildren toured the building.


Long after last November's shocking election results, Hillary Clinton is still haunting President Donald Trump — almost literally. 

On Tuesday, Trump greeted White House visitors with open arms ... while Hillary Clinton watched silently and vigilantly from up above. Maybe she's making sure Trump keeps his professionalism intact?

It wouldn't be the craziest concept. This photo is worth a thousand words:

Twitter, naturally, was all over it with wisecracks and general commentary:

Some even took the liberty of devising their own creative segments:

Trump was actually giving schoolchildren a tour of the White House — the president's first time since his inauguration, the New York Times reports

The elementary school students from Birmingham, Alabama, reportedly cheered happily when Trump first emerged from behind a wooden screen. 

Ahh, to be young and naive again.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria 

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