Halloween Will Never Be The Same For Teen Who Got Stuck In A Pumpkin

A viral YouTube video shows a family pumpkin carving night gone awry when one of the kids decided to stick her head inside of a giant gourd and got stuck.

Once upon a time while carving pumpkins with family; a teenage girl got a bit too deep into the Halloween spirit.

In a video posted to YouTube by Kristy Ralphs on Tuesday, her teenage daughter playfully slid her head inside of a hollowed pumpkin. However, the joke was actually on her as she got stuck inside the massive gourd.

Shortly after Ralphs started filming her kids enjoying the family activity, her daughter decided that putting her head inside of the pumpkin would be a good way to illustrate how large it was. Unfortunately, neither she nor her four siblings could get it off of her head. 

Ralphs — being the brilliant mother she is — continued filming and giggling throughout the process of watching her other four kids try to free their sister’s head.  

It seems that the struggle was caused by the teen’s ponytail, which kept getting caught as she tried to pull her head out.

After about two minutes and several failed attempts to get the pumpkin off, the girl can be heard groaning in frustration, which is when her mother aptly pointed out that she sounded like she was “giving birth.”

What might be even funnier than the girl’s unfortunate predicament is the fact that one of her brothers seems to be randomly singing, “I can carve a belly button on my pumpkin,” to a chipper tune throughout most of the video.

Eventually, the children’s father is consulted by their mother on how to solve the problem.

Dear old dad suggested calling the fire department, which his trapped daughter vehemently objected to — probably to avoid further embarrassment.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t save herself from going viral after her mom posted the video of the incident.

The clip ends with the teen still stuck as Ralphs turns the camera to herself and tells viewers to “stay tuned,” however, her YouTube description of the video reveals that her daughter managed to eventually break free of the pumpkin’s grasp.

The Ralphs family learned a valuable life lesson during the debacle about the dangers of putting your head where it doesn’t belong, which to most would probably seem like common sense.  

Ultimately, we can all rejoice in the fact that the girl was able to breathe while stuck, she didn’t panic, and she made it out safely without having to call emergency personnel, so the internet can laugh at her expense guilt-free. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples

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