Kids Were Asked What Made Them Different, They Didn't See It That Way

Kids were asked what made them different from their little peers. BBC's campaign about inclusion proves just how adorable and pure children are.

It's likely that this will be the most adorable, pure, and inspirational thing you'll watch today.

CBeebies is the BBC’s children’s network, and in a recent advertisement, a diverse group of children was asked what makes them different from one another. Their responses, which will totally melt your heart, prove that kids see the world a tad differently than adults do.

The video is part of the network's "Everyone's Welcome" campaign that celebrates diversity on-air and online.

Despite the numerous differences the children have when it comes to race and abilities (both mental and physical), the kids answered with things like, “She’s good at counting and I’m good at hiding.” One little girl says, "I'm good at gymnastics and Kayla-Mai is good at swimming.” Check out all the kids' answers in the video.

“From lettuce love (and hate!) to hard-hitting opinions on ketchup and toe size, these kids know what’s important — friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from,” BBC Children’s Director Alice Webb wrote in a blog about the campaign. “Their unscripted and natural responses is just what you would expect and demonstrates that children don’t make assumptions about people and their differences in the way that all too often grown-ups do,” she also states.

If these children are our future, then we can all feel a bit better about the world we live in.

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