Hearing His Mother For The First Time, Excited Toddler Dances With Joy

Being fitted with hearing aids for the first time didn’t just bring the pleasure of hearing to little Aiden; it brings joy to anyone who watches the video.


Caitlin Orantes shares the most heartwarming video of her son hearing for the first time.

Two-year-old Kaiden Orantes began losing his hearing after his birth and was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss. 

Caitlin says "Hi, hello!" to her young son as soon as his new hearing aids are turned on. 

Kaiden's face lights up and he begins dancing and jumping around with excitement. 

The people in the room burst into laughter while Caitlin claps. 

"Hi! Can you hear me?" she asks.

Caitlin wrote about the video, saying: "He’s so happy and excited to finally be able to hear his own voice and mine!"

"He is super drawn to music. That's something he can hear surprisingly well. It transfers into your brain in a completely different way than other sounds would," she added

Now that Kaiden can hear better, Caitlin bought him musical instruments and the 2-year-old hasn't stopped making music.   

"This kid is obsessed with music. I've had videos of him going crazy and trying to sing. He can't form too many words," Caitlin said. "He's finally able to hear the sound he's creating. It's so priceless." 

Caitlin even has a tattoo for her son’s condition on her arm:

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