Dad Shares Last Dance With Terminally Ill Baby Daughter To Say Goodbye

In a heartbreaking scene that will bring tears to everyone’s eyes, this father says goodbye to his daughter with a last dance.

The father of a terminally ill daughter planned a private concert allowing him to have one final dance with his 1-year-old, and video of the emotional encounter has spread widely online.

Kevin McGuire and his wife, Marcia, of Hartlepool, England, organized the event to create some final memories with their daughter, Millie.

The parents asked the band Stone Foundation to perform the song “Your Balloon is Rising” for the final dance.

Kevin McGuire said he regularly sings the song to his daughter, who has been undergoing palliative care for her multiple conditions.

“We have accepted that Millie will pass away, but we refuse to get down about it as we are too busy making lovely memories with her,” Kevin McGuire said.

He said: “The one thing that does get to me is the knowledge I will never ever dance with Millie at landmark birthdays or her wedding. When I see videos of dads dancing with their daughters at events, as lovely as it is, it kills me inside.”

Millie, who turns 2 at the end of the month, wasn’t expected to last the night when she was born in November 2015 at North Tees hospital.

She suffered brain damage before her birth and underwent a revolutionary procedure called therapeutic hypothermia. It meant her body temperature was taken down to 32°C to prevent any further damage to her brain. She was unconscious for six weeks.

Every day is a struggle, with her metabolic disorder meaning that even the slightest movement in her legs could fracture her bones.

Earlier this year, she reportedly began having seizures and was given more intensive medical treatment as her parents await the inevitable. Regardless of their pain, McGuire said his family has decided not “to get all dour” at the thought of losing their daughter.

“You won’t see any sad tears dropping from our eyes,” he said. “Because in her short time on this crappy spinning rock, Millie has given us only happiness and love.”

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