Video Shows Terrifying Moment Shark Broke Into Divers’ Cage

A photographer caught on video the terrifying moment when a great white shark swam into a dive cage and got stuck with four divers still inside.

Few animals induce the kind of heart-stopping panic in the minds of humans as sharks do. Existing for over 400 million years, sharks are the ultimate predators, with rows of razor-sharp teeth and bullet-like frames.

While statistically, sharks pose little threat to humans, this video will only reinforce the fear with which people view them.

During a shark dive off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, photographer Peter Maguire was in a submersible shark cage when he captured an intense encounter that even the most seasoned divers will balk at.

Maguire, who was filming from inside of a cage, shows a 15-foot female great white shark named Milana Arnone, swimming up close to a different cage with four divers inside of it.

The clearly curious shark then seems to bite the hose that connects to the cage’s oxygen tank. The dive master, named Yann, swims to the top of the cage in order to ward off the shark and to switch to an alternative oxygen tank.

The undeterred shark manages to enter the dive cage and gets stuck with the divers below it. As it starts writhing and thrashing in an attempt to free itself, the divers, “decide to tie a rope around the shark's tail and lower the cage, essentially holding the shark in place and popping the shark out!” Maguire explained on YouTube.

Thanks to some impressive cool headedness displayed by the divers, the shark manages to swim out of the cage and the divers live to tell the tale.

"If it wasn't for the training and quick thinking of the crew, this could have ended a lot differently," Maguire wrote.

If you want to see the action up close and personal, there’s also footage of the encounter that was shot from inside the cage by diver Kate Yonker.

Coincidentally, just days ago, a different video of another shark off of Guadalupe Island which had trapped itself in a shark cage was posted on YouTube. 

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