Heart-Stopping Video Shows Student Narrowly Escape Crashing Ceiling

A student in Argentina was only trying to escape a storm and, ironically, faced an even greater danger inside the building he went into for safety.

A fast-acting student in Argentina may have some of the stealthiest reflexes around.

Pablo Onocko had just entered a building in the northeastern city of Resistencia to take cover from a massive storm that was taking place outside, according to The Huffington Post.

Just as he shut the front door, the glass canopy hanging above the lobby began to detach from the ceiling and within seconds, came crashing down to the ground.

Surveillance footage captured the incident, showing Onocko look up toward the ceiling before side–stepping into a dive to the floor.

Meanwhile, the security guard who was also in the lobby at the time had a hallway entrance close by to run into for cover.

After Onocko got up following the crash, emerging practically unscathed, he followed suit and scurried into the nearby hallway where the guard was standing.

“I thank God for saving me from this,” Onocko wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “The truth is that it was a miracle.”

“The world stopped for a second for me,” he told local reporters. “The shock that it gave me cannot be believed.”

The way that Onocko escaped collapsing glass was certainly miraculous, to say the least.

After experiencing such a close brush with death, he should definitely cherish each day from here on out. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Suzanne Barlyn

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