Watch The Sweet Moment Marine's Son Cries As Stepmom Reads Vows To Him

An adorable 4-year-old boy could not contain his emotion when his new stepmom read out touching 'vows' to him as she married his dad.

It’s pretty normal to see people cry when the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows, but at this wedding ceremony, the special speech concentrated on "another" love that brought everyone to tears.

US Marine Corps Sergeant Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan wed at Quincy Cellars in Ripley, New York.

During the ceremony, it was Sgt Neville’s adorable  4-year-old son Gage, who became overwhelmed with emotion when his stepmom read out loud the vows that she had written especially for him.

"I want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person," Leehan said in her vows for Gage. In that moment, Gage broke down in tears and hugged Leehan.  

 “I hope you learn that you are a very special boy. You are so extremely smart, handsome, and kind to others," Gage’s stepmom continued. "You have helped make me into the woman that I am today. And I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”  As Leehan finished up the vows both her and Neville cried right along with Gage.

The touching video has gone viral and is sure to melt anyone’s heart.  Make sure to have some tissues handy before watching!

Banner/Thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Cara Neil

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