Heineken Ad Shows How People Come Together Despite Differing Politics

In the viral YouTube commercial, six people come together to build a bar. Little do they know just how politically different they are from one another.

You probably wouldn't expect it to be a gargantuan beer company to air a commercial that hits you right in the feels.

But Heineken has produced an advertisement that will make you rethink your political tolerance — and just how simple it may be to set aside differences in the name of friendship and development. 

In the commercial, which falls under Heineken's #OpenYourWorld campaign, six very different people are interviewed on their politics. Their beliefs range wildly, from one woman proudly proclaiming her progressivism, to a transgender woman stating the importance of trans rights, and a man who believes feminism is "man-hating." One man doesn't believe climate change is real, while another believes being trans is "not right."

Heineken made sure to pair up the participants based on their opposing views, and each partnership works together to build a bar and discuss their traits and background.

Later, Heineken shows each pair a video of their political backgrounds. The participants are given a choice — they can stay and discuss their views over a beer at the bar they built, or they can leave. 

Incredibly, every single person stays, and some even change their opinions. 

Watch below: 

Way to go, Heineken. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Evandro Felippe

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