Heroic 7-Year-Old Punches Armed Suspect In GameStop Robbery

Surveillance footage from a recent robbery at a Maryland GameStop shows a 7-year-old boy fight back against armed thieves who ordered him to lie on the ground.


Surveillance footage from a GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland captured two masked men entering the store in a robbery.

A 7-year-old boy — who was in the video game store at the time — gave one of them an unexpected beating in an attempt to thwart their crime, according to GameRant.

Upon entering the store, the men demanded everyone to back up and lie down on the floor, but the boy refused and punched one of the armed suspects.

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“He punched him. Two left hooks while holding the Yoshi doll,” the boy’s father reportedly told the Washington Post.

The man forcefully dragged the boy against the wall and then he and his accomplice proceeded to steal money from the register along with personal items from the employees and patrons.

“We’re proud that he is a strong, brave young boy,” the boy’s father added.

While the little boy’s bravery is noble and his actions simply indicate that he may have watched one too many superhero movies, he made a very dangerous decision.

It's likely that he didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the situation, especially considering the robbers were armed with guns.

The culprits clearly weren’t totally ruthless, because they didn’t cause any harm to the boy after he attacked them.

It’s not recommended for anyone, especially a child, to try to take on someone armed with a weapon but it’s undeniable that this kid deserves his kudos.

Unfortunately, the suspects are still at large and local police are working to locate them.

GameStop has released a statement of apology and sympathy for the employees and customers who had to endure this traumatic event. They are reportedly working closely with the investigation. 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr,Mike Mozart

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