Heroic Bus Driver Helps Teen Dodge Potential Predator

A Milwaukee public bus driver came to a 15-year-old girl’s rescue who was desperately trying to escape a man who had been following and harassing her.

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A Milwaukee, Wisconsin bus driver is being hailed as a hero after reports surfaced that she helped a 15-year-old girl escape a potential predator.

According to The Root, Sharon Chambers was about to pull away from a stop along her usual bus route when she noticed a girl waving her down.

“I thought she was just running to catch the bus, but as she walked in front of the bus I noticed she was crying,” Chambers said. “I told her to get on the bus and let her know no one was going to mess with her on my bus.”

The girl told Chambers that a man had been following and harassing her, even attempting to get her in his car, so the concerned bus driver responded by reporting the incident to her dispatch, which then alerted the police.

Chambers waited with the girl for police to arrive and called the girl’s grandmother for her.

“Don’t worry about it. You are safe. I will fight for you; no one is going to hurt you,” Chambers is heard assuring the girl on bus surveillance footage.

The bus driver has since been praised for the way she handled a potentially dangerous situation that could have very well resulted in a kidnapping or other tragic outcome.

“The world today is just terrible,” Chambers told local reporters. “There’s a lot happening, and for it to be right in my face like that, it was scary. But I wanted her to know that I was there for her.”

Since the incident occurred earlier this week, Chambers has been commended by her community for her heroic efforts.

Kind and compassionate people like Chambers counteract the hate that people like GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters perpetuate. 

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