High School Football Player Jumps Over Defender, Scores Touchdown

Sign this kid up for the pros.

If you think you have seen high school football, you’ve seen nothing until you see this video.

A Massachusetts football player performed an impressive feat mid-game when he leapt over the head of another player and sailed in for a touchdown to boot.

The astonishing moment was caught on camera.

The name of the skillful player remains a mystery, but he was wearing a navy blue uniform on Manning Field in Lynn, Massachusetts.

After the quarterback handed the ball off to the player, who was wearing a jersey emblazoned with the number seven, he quickly made the run for it. Along the way, he encountered an impediment in the form of a defender, so rather than going around him, the young man made an incredible leap over his head. As the crowd went wild, No. 7 landed without stumbling and kept running.

Two other opposing team members tried to trip him and grabbed him, but the unstoppable athlete dodged them as well, the last with a funky little twirl, and did not relent his hold on the ball.

He then successfully found his way into the end zone for a touchdown.

The man recording the video can be heard repeatedly exclaiming in awe, “Oh, my god! Oh, my god!”

The cheerleaders ran down the sidelines after the player as he went to the end zone.

It certainly seemed like this player may have a bright future in football.

Incredible as it may seem, feats like this have been performed by other high school football players as well. Last year, another player jumped over the heads of two defenders in a single leap.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Flickr, John Martinez Pavliga

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