Teen Arrested For Drugs In Elaborate Promposal Hoax

"You work with me, I've done this a thousand times, I can normally work with folks but the thing I can't work with is dishonesty," the cop says.

A Georgia teen went to shocking lengths to ask a fellow student to prom by orchestrating a drug bust mock-up, The Huffington Post reports

The raid was caught on dashcam by the Peachtree City Police Department, which was later posted to their Facebook page with the express permission of the parents of the students. 

Hilariously, the department titled the upload "Dash Cam of Major Drug Arrest in Peachtree City," so they had everyone fooled until the end.

In the video, two teens in a pickup truck are pulled over. 

"You alright?" the officer asks the students. "A little nervous?"

Their responses are barely audible, but needless to say, this cop is riling them up. 

"Have you ever been stopped before in this truck?" the officer asks. "... You ever been in trouble before?" 

"Not really, no sir," the teen says. 

The officer says they received a tip and proceeds to search the car. 

"If you lie to me, I run out of options," the officer says threateningly. Soon after, he arrests the teen and pulls a bag from the car. 

"I have no idea what that is, to be honest with you," the unsuspecting student says. The officer presses her, asking her if it's weed. "It's not mine. I swear on my life."

The officer opens the bag, and the girl immediately recognizes what's happening. "Oh my God, this is not funny!" she says.

Well, it's a little mean, but also kind of funny. 

The teen later emerges with a sign that reads, "Prom? Say yes or you're under arrest!" 

She did, in fact, say yes — but we'll never know if it's because she likes the guy, or because she was simply avoiding detainment. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Valerie Everett

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