High Schooler Gives Ingenious Response To Cocky Prom Date Request

When asking your date to prom, there’s definitely a right and wrong way to go about it. One Imgur post provides a clear example of how not to do it.

Never assume you’ve got the cat — or in this case, the prom date — in the bag. When it comes to romance, humility goes a long way. Arrogance, on the other hand, will just land you in trouble . . . or at the top of Imgur, as one teen learned the hard way after sending the object of his or her affection a letter leaning on the haughty side.

The note, posted by Imgur user nileriver117 (appropriately captioned “Damn Katie doesn’t mess around”), reads:

“Katie. You know I have a crush on you. Will you go to prom with me? Circle your answer.”

And with that, the letter writer gives Katie two options: “Yes” or “Definitely Yes.”

Dear, cunning Katie, however, found a genius way out by circling the “no” in “know.”

Damn Katie doesn't mess around

The comments are pure gold: “Clever girl.” “Red pen and everything.” “This looks like one of those 3rd grade notes that say ‘do you like me yes or no.’” “Katie is the kind of person I would like.” “I think the ‘yes/definitely yes’ options should be a deal-breaker right there.” “In middle school this is cute and OK . . . asking someone to prom this way is sad and pathetic.” “Damn Katie. But I respect how you found an option when there were none.”

As one commenter brought up, the internet is left wondering whether the letter writer would have received a very different answer had he or she given Katie the option to refuse. No one will ever know — except for Katie. Kudos, lady.

Banner Image Credit: Flickr user Varin 

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