California Man Lists His Gas Station On Airbnb: ‘People Might Like It’

A gas station owner in Northern California listed his business on Airbnb as a vacation rental and was interviewed by local news in a funny segment.

Gas station owner Pete Shen hilariously thought it would be a good idea to list his business on Airbnb as a place to stay in Salinas, California.

He even made it to the news in this interview on local channel KSBW Action News 8 in which he tries to make a point of how Sanborn & Market Gas might be a not-so-bad place to spend the night.

“Maybe people might like it… Maybe people might not like it. We’ll see how it goes,” Shen said dryly.

Shen recommends bringing your air mattress because there is obviously no bed, but says that all the snacks and drinks available in your room are on the house.

The overnight charge is a bargain at $50 to $90, that is, if you stay up all night taking advantage of the free snacks and beverages.

Shen even goes as far as highlighting that you will have basic amenities including running water, hot water, and cold water, but no shower.

If that’s not enough to persuade a person to sleep on the floor of a gas station, he points out that it’s a safe place since there are plenty of security cameras.

Even though the listing on Airbnb has been removed since the news reported it, it’s still pretty amusing to listen to Shen explain why someone might want to stay there.

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