Adorable Children Just Crashed Their Dad's Live BBC Interview

Parenting is hard — even for experts in Korean politics. Something tells us Professor Robert Kelly wishes he hadn't learned this lesson on live television.

Professor Robert Kelly is an expert of U.S. foreign policy in Korea. But while breaking down the specifics of South Korea President Park Geun-hye's impeachment on BBC's BBC World, his expertise was overshadowed by two unexpected party crashers.

The video — which now has gone viral on social media — shows Kelly sitting in a home office as a young child opens the door behind him.

The kid then proceeds to walk in, dance, and finally lean against a piece of furniture as anchor James Menendez notes that one of Kelly's children “just walked in.” As he follows up with a question, Kelly tries to push the child away with his left hand.

As this incredible scene unfolds, another child busts into the room. This time around, an infant in a walker waddles in followed by a panicked woman.

As she struggles to get both children out of the office, Kelly stops speaking.

Check it out:

“There's a first time for everything,” the anchor gleefully points out as the interview wraps up. “I think you've got some children who need you!”

After the ordeal came to an end, Menendez took to Twitter to say it was "hard to keep a straight face."

After this exchange, it's difficult to know if any of the viewers were able to learn more about what South Korea is going through right now. But don't blame Kelly's children! After all, they just made daddy famous.

The professor will probably be making many more interviews in the near future — and he better leave that door open for his kids next time.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Peter Nicholls

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