Hillary Clinton Fails At Riding Subway In 'Home State' NY

In an attempt to appear like a real New Yorker, Hillary Clinton tried to ride the subway but couldn’t even get past the entrance.

After her opponent Bernie Sanders said in a New York Daily News interview on Friday that tokens were the way to access the subway, Clinton tried to one-up him and demonstrate her familiarity with the transit system.  

“I think it was my first term when we changed from tokens to MetroCards,” Clinton laughed to reporters before boarding the train.

As karma would have it, Clinton then struggled with the card, swiping five times before it registered.

Clinton’s Metro blunder only serves to discredit the candidate further when the political context is taken into account. Like most of Clinton’s campaign tactics, the subway ride was another stunt to manipulate voter appeal. The former New York senator proudly boasts that the Empire State is her home, but the candidate just maintains an address there and admits she hasn’t even used underground transportation in two years. In contrast, Sanders is a native New Yorker having grown up in Brooklyn (with the accent to prove it). Clinton bought a home in New York so she could run for the Senate (and eventually president). Yet Sanders’ location was not based on political gain but rather his personal preferences, stating he moved because he was “captivated by rural life.” The stark differences highlight a consistent pattern between the two as Clinton acts like a self-serving politician and Sanders shows he’s a real person. 

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Banner image credit: Reuters

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