Hillary Clinton Visited A Bookstore And Made Everyone's Day

Savoy Bookshop employee Jessica Wick took a picture with visitor Hillary Clinton: "She was gracious and she was warm and she said the bookstore was beautiful."

The political atmosphere in the United States may be as tense as it ever was during the factious election cycle, but Hillary Clinton has managed to make a fairly quiet exit after losing the presidency to Donald Trump.

Most notably, she's been going on hikes and visiting bookstores. The latter happened on November 20 in Westerly, Rhode Island at Savoy Bookshop, and one employee posed for a picture with Clinton. A day later, the worker posted the photo to Facebook along with a stirring caption.

The post from Jessica Wick reads,

"So. Today I met Hillary Clinton. This was a surprise and I can't imagine meeting anyone else who looms as large. I wasn't as eloquent as I'd have liked to be. I didn't want to take her & her family out of their day together. I also didn't want to cry; I feel like strangers crying at one might detract from one's day. I'd have liked to tell her I was a poet in ardent support of what she stood and stands for. I'd have liked to tell her how, at that very bookstore, behind the very same counter she approached to ask about a book, I listened to her concession speech with two of my co-workers and we cried; how in that same spot customers and employees have talked about her with regret and hope. I'd have liked to tell her something which encompasses the sadness I feel that she did not win, but somehow tell her that in a way which didn't rub salt in any wounds. I'd have liked to give her something.

I told her I voted for her, that she meant and means a lot. I thanked her, apologizing if I was being inappropriate or intrusive, because again: privacy. We all deserve privacy. She was gracious and she was warm and she said the bookstore was beautiful. Bill Clinton shook my hand and complimented my sweater.

They were kind. We were unprepared to meet them. I wish they were the First Family Elect, but that wish is only new by about November 9th. I wish them a good future, and loads of good books and interesting reading. This was definitely one of the coolest things to have happened to me."

Though Clinton's been having a hard time with the loss, she's continuing to put on a brave face for the public.

"I will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me," she said during her speech at the Children's Defense Fund on November 16. "There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again."

Looks like Clinton may be finally fulfilling her own wish. More power to her. 

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