Can You Solve This Math Problem Assigned To 6-Year-Olds?

A complex math problem assigned to a first-grader has brought parents on Facebook together, as they try to derive a solution.

A family that posts on Facebook by the name of the Holdnerness Family was left perplexed when they came across their 6-year-old son’s math homework.

They posted a picture of the assignment that required the first-grade students to identify the missing letter in a diagram using a given key.

The photo was titled “Internet friends: solve this 1st grade math homework. #showyourwork #mybrainhurts” and the parents that run the account commented “I'm 40 and my brain cannot bend in these ways.”

The post was soon flooded with comments from perplexed adults who agreed that the homework was too difficult for a middle-aged person, let alone a first-grader.

“What the actual hell is the point if this? Am I missing something? Is there some skill that this absurdity is supposed to hone?” one person wrote.

“I taught first grade last year and am teaching second grade this year. We have 'real' math. I have never seen that nonsense! We threw Common Core Curriculum out,” another commented.

However, some internet users moved beyond bashing the absurdity of the homework and actually took it upon themselves to solve the problem. Many people commented the answer was “J=14” and a few went on to explain the logic behind the derived solution.

“If you add diagonally.... G+B+S or 11+6+23. That = 40. Let's assume they want the same thing to happen the other way. If you add diagonally P+B or 20+6. That = 26. What do you have to add to 26 to make it equal 40? 14 which would be J. The answer is J = 14,” wrote Brittany Gratto.

“The answer is J=14. It is a complex math question that requires you to substitute the letters with numbers. You take the value of the S, B, and G and add them to get 40. Then you subtract the values of B and P from 40. That leaves a difference of 14, which is letter J. It all has to do with getting children to think in complex ways,” said Jamie Nantz.

Even though the adults eventually solved the question, it is bizarre that first-graders are being given such tough assignments that are way beyond what they are capable of doing at that age.

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