Homeless Man Finds Check For $10,000 — And Returns It To Owner

A homeless man stumbled across a check for $10,000 on the street. Instead of trying to cash it himself, he relentlessly searched for its true owner.

We’ve all had that feeling of dread: misplacing an important item that we absolutely cannot live without. When we lose things in public, we often assume that they’re lost forever, and whoever finds them will keep them.

A homeless man from New Haven, Connecticut, is proving to be the exception to that belief. Elmer Alvarez stumbled across an envelope on the street. Inside was a check for $10,000 that he could have easily tried to cash himself.

Disregarding how that much money could have helped his personal situation, he knew he had to get the check back to its rightful owner.

“I was just thinking about how that person was feeling by losing an amount of a check like that, an amount of money like that,” Alvarez said.

He got in touch with a friend who had a cellphone and called the person whose name appeared on the check, Roberta Hoskie.

Hoskie said was grateful to get the large amount of money back.

“God is good, I have to say that, because it could have been someone who wanted to do something fraudulent,” she said.

Hoskie was also sympathetic to Alvarez’s plight. The single mother was once homeless just like him, so to reward his good deed, she wrote a check to him to help pay for his education expenses down the road.

Alvarez, who only speaks Spanish, said he didn’t return the check for a reward.

“I always believe that once you do right, right always comes back to you because God don’t like ugly,” he said.

Hoskie captured the entire meetup with Alvarez on a Facebook Live video.

It’s encouraging to see that the world still has people that are willing to make tough choices like these to help others. Alvarez knew that someone was missing a large amount of money, and while many people would have tried to get it themselves, he chose to do the right thing instead and help another human being recover what was rightfully theirs.

Simple gestures like these need to be celebrated daily and replicated often.

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