Homeless Man Gets Most Rewarding Thanks For Returning Lost Check

A man down on his luck with a wife and three kids found a cashier's check under his car. When he returned it to its rightful owner, his life changed completely.

A San Diego homeless man just proved that kindness knows no bounds — and destiny has graced him with good karma as a result.

According to a local NBC affiliate, Yesenia Del Valle was heading off to send a tax payment to the IRS when she suddenly noticed that the cashier's check she had ordered was gone. In panic, the woman “tore her car apart” looking for the document but found nothing.

When she headed back to the Imperial Beach, California, store where she had gotten the money order, she was told it would take her months to get her money back. Unfortunately, it was already April 18, the tax deadline.

Later at home, the disappointed Del Valle and her husband heard a knock at their door. Sergio Juarez, a homeless man, was standing with her $676 money order in hand. He had found the document under his car. Since Del Valle had signed and addressed it on the back, he was able to figure out where to find her.

"I was a little startled because I didn't know him. You don't expect somebody to come to your door and hand deliver something to you," she told CNN.

Giving Juarez $40, Del Valle told him to take his wife out to eat. But as Juarez said he would use that money for gas, she knew “he was strapped for cash,” she told reporters.

As she asked more questions, she learned Juarez, his wife, and three children had been living at a motel ever since both parents lost their jobs.

“He chose to find me and hand deliver that $676 when he doesn't even have money for bare necessities,” she stated.

She also created a GoFundMe page on his behalf.



To date, the campaign has raised more than $19,000. But that's not all. With the help of Del Valle, Juarez has now received multiple job offers. She's even helping the San Diego man come up with a plan to fund his son's college education as he prepares to graduate from high school later this year.

"Don't stop believing in miracles. You never know who is going to help you and who you are going to help in this world," Del Valle said.

In this case, the miracle couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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