Honest Couple Returns $10K They Found In A Shopping Cart

Anonymous good Samaritans returned a checkbook and bank envelope containing $10K to Tractor Supply Co. after finding them in their shopping cart.

Two anonymous heroes saved the day when they found a checkbook and bank deposit envelope stuffed with 10 thousand dollars in cash. The couple, who did not wish to be acknowledged, discovered the money while shopping at Tractor Supply Co. in Sennett, New York and immediately handed it over to the store's manager, Jeff Weltch. The pair then went about their shopping and left the store without sharing their identities.

The Citizen of Auburn reported the details of the bizarre story which took place early Monday morning. Weltch, who spoke on behalf of Tractor Supply Co. said "We want to take care of our customers. We're not here to take advantage of any bad situation."

Using the checkbook, Weltch was able to track down the person who lost the cash, a local restaurateur who also did not wish to be identified but was immensely grateful to the couple for turning the money in instead of keeping it for themselves.

"I was in awe that anyone in this day and age would turn that kind of money in," she said. "I'm just ever so grateful that there are people like that that are still in this world."

Tractor Supply Co. store

The woman reports that she had been shopping at Tractor Supply Co. the night before when she discovered one of her dogs had peed in her car. Rushing to deal with the mess, she unloaded her bags but forgot to take out the envelope of restaurant cash receipts in the confusion. The money then sat overnight in the cart corral where a less trustworthy person could easily have found it.

Weltch and the rest of the Tractor Supply Co. were glad to have helped unite the worried woman with her missing money. "I was so relieved we could make her happy." Weltch said of the incident." I wouldn't want to go through that."

Although the couple who rescued the lost funds remains unknown, it is comforting to know that in a world full of greed and selfishness, there are people willing to stand up for what's right.

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