Hospital Moves Frail Couple Together In Their Last Days

"After several days on different units, the nurses were able to get my parents in the same room to be together," Beth Hughes said in a Facebook post.

UPDATE: In a private Facebook message, Beth Hughes wrote that her parents passed away within less than 24 hours of each other. 

"My parents got the wish that they had always expressed, to die together. My mother passed yesterday morning at age 88 and my father followed her on less than 24 hrs later at age 93. My parents had great senses of humor and used to joke that they were going together and their plan to ensure this was to let mom keep driving. I think this way was better."

Many condolences to Beth Hughes and family.

Elderly couple Arthur and Betty Hughes have been in partnership for a whopping 68 years — and they still remain at each other's sides, even as they suffer different ailments in the hospital. 

WSB-TV reports that nurses at their Cambridge, Massachusetts, hospital figured out a way for them to stay in the same room, although they're fighting disparate battles. In December, Betty fell and broke a few bones, and soon after, Arthur had a heart attack. 

Now, after marrying in the 1940s and having several children, they're still in it together, forever. 

The Facebook post from Beth Hughes, one of Betty and Arthur's daughters, reads, 

"Mount Auburn Hospital nurses made this happen. Arthur and Betty Hughes have been married for 68 years. This week, they both were admitted to the hospital with life threatening issues. After several days on different units, the nurses were able to get my parents in the same room to be together for what will probably be their final days. They have decided to forego any further treatment except that which will keep them comfortable. My parents have a strong Christian faith and want nothing more than to enter the next life together."

Beth's sister, Jayne Castanza DeJesus, posted another photo of their parents with a tear-jerking caption citing "The Notebook."

According to WSB-TV, Arthur, 93, served in World War II, and he and Betty met after Arthur came home for college in the United States. 

It's a love story for the ages. 

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