Dad Crashes Daughter's First Day Of School Because Of Hurricane Harvey

This Houston dad made the best out of not being able to return to Texas because of Hurricane Harvey by showing up to his daughter's first day of school.

One Houston dad decided to attend class with his daughter on her first day of graduate school, and let's just say she was little more than embarrassed.   

After a family trip to New Hampshire, Enock Anassi decided to join his wife in New York City, where she was helping their daughter move and start her first year of graduate studies at the New School. Since their hometown had been flooded from Hurricane Harvey, Kerubo Anassi's parents couldn't immediately return home, so they decided to make the most out of their situation and stayed longer to help their daughter find an apartment.  

Omete, Kerubo's brother told HuffPost via email that his father joked while dropping her off at school that he would stay and attend her class.

“The plan was for them to wait outside her class until she finished and then they get on the road, but my father proceeded to follow my sister into the elevator and to her oral history class," Omete said. "Initially, my sister thought it was funny, but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn’t end and my father didn’t leave." 

Mr. Anassi stayed in his daughter's class the entire time.  He grabbed a syllabus when they were being passed out, took pictures that were audible, and quizzed his daughter constantly on the information that was being taught. He then sent out a  hilarious selfie of himself in the classroom to the family group chat, and Omete took to his Twitter account and shared it with the world. 

The Twitter universe is very taken by this dad's enthusiasm . The tweet of their father has since gone viral with over 46,000 retweets, and over 156,000 likes.  He shared the selfie and the screenshot of the conversation they were having.  

"Seriously, he needs to leave now. He's stayed for the intro and has a syllabus. And he won't leave. He's distracting me," his sister wrote.

The New School even reached out and tweeted to show their support for her stranded family, and even had a shirt made up for Kerubo's dad.


“The best part is that my family is safe and not in the hurricane,” Omete said. "Our relatives are currently in Houston battling Hurricane Harvey (safe, but trapped in uncomfortable places like shelters, friends’ homes, work, etc.) and despite how embarrassed and irritated my sister was, she is completely pleased to have our parents there with her instead of in danger." 

The Anassi family is very lucky to have not been in Texas when the hurricane hit, and hopefully, they will be able to return home soon.

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