Chinese Crockery Cupboard Puzzle Leaves Internet Scratching Its Head

People just can’t figure out the right way to open this glass cupboard without destroying all the bowls and plates placed precariously inside it.

The picture of a crockery cupboard has stressed scores of people across the world — particularly those in Taiwan and China, who are treating this crisis as if it were a conundrum of their own.

It all began with an online user named Tseng Shao-Tsen, who posted the anxiety-inducing photo on a Taiwan-based Facebook community page, “Baoliao Commune,” with a caption saying, “a cupboard that can never be opened.” He was apparently asking it for his friend, who is a single mother.

People were understandably concerned — how can one open the glass cupboard without sending the porcelain bowls and plates inside tumbling to the ground?

The post attracted hundreds of comments, with many suggesting putting a mattress or something softer below the cupboard before opening it so the crockery could land safely without smashing into pieces. Others suggested opening the glass cabinet a tiny crack and then retrieving the bowls one by one.

“If you can move the cupboard, just lay it flat,” commented an online user, while another wrote, “Just break the glass where the plates are not in contact with it and use your hands to move the plates. The glass must be cheap.”

There were also some less-than-helpful ideas.

“(Sell) the whole cupboard to art museums and (name) it 'Freeze in Time' collection,” advised one, as another commented, “Take the cupboard into space, or flood whole room with water, then open the door and the plates will just float out.”

Sure, why didn’t anyone think of that?





As The Daily Mail reports, the cupboard was eventually opened safely.

“She opened one door slightly and used her hand to hold the plates, then she pushed the door further," Tseng explained. “All plates were safe.”

Well, that’s a relief.

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