Man Finds Car — 20 Years After He Forgot Where He Parked It

A man from Frankfurt, Germany, parked his car in 1997 but couldn't remember where he put it. Twenty years later, he's finally reunited with the vehicle.

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We’ve all had to deal with the experience of temporary losing our vehicle. After leaving the mall or airport, you start to look around for your car and get an uneasy feeling of dread as you begin to realize you have no idea where you parked it.

But imagine having to endure those anxious feelings for 20 years. An elderly man from Frankfurt, Germany, did when he had no idea where he left his car, which he last saw in the late 1990s.

Yet, thankfully, the vehicle was finally found recently because the building it was parked in was set to be demolished, The Irish Times reported.

Back in 1997 — when “MMMBop” and the Spice Girls were topping the music charts, and text messaging was only possible between phones on the same carrier — the man from Frankfurt parked his car inside a building’s garage. Forgetting where he had parked the car, the man filed a stolen vehicle police report.

When the building came due to be demolished this year, the vehicle was found, and police began to search for its owner. They traced the car back to the stolen vehicle report, and contacted the man, who is now 76-years-old.

The man and his daughter came to pick up the vehicle upon being contacted — but, unfortunately, it was in too rough of shape to be driven off the property. The car had to be towed away and scrapped.

Although the man lost his car, the situation could have been worse.

Another man in Scotland had a similar experience, misplacing his car and being unable to retrieve it for six months before finding it — along with nearly $7,000 worth of parking tickets attached. At least the man from Frankfurt didn’t have to deal with that mess!

Credit: Getty, Kentaroo Truman 

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