Huge Brawl Ensues Over Loud Music During Cross-Country Flight

Five women were escorted off of a Spirit Airlines plane by police after engaging in a fist fight sparked by two intoxicated passengers and their loud music.

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Five women engaged in a brawl aboard a cross-country flight on Spirit Airlines from Baltimore to Los Angeles.

Two women, who were reportedly intoxicated, were playing loud music from a boom box speaker. When another group of women asked them to turn the volume down, they refused and began taunting other passengers by waving the speaker in the air.

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The two groups of women were arguing with eachother throughout the entire flight and once the plane landed, chaos ensued as punches were thrown and hair was pulled.

Footage was uploaded to various social media sites by onlookers who were amazed, amused and shocked.

One witness, Emerson Silva, told TODAY that everyone was watching and recording but no one — besides the flight attendant — tried to step in until he and his friend took initiative to break it up.

Airport police were notified and they arrived to remove all five women; however, after speaking with the women police released them all with no arrests or charges filed.

There have been extremely bizarre situations occurring on airplanes recently including an American Airlines flight attendant setting a fire aboard an aircraft and an intoxicated passenger making death threats to other passengers, among several other disturbing incidents.

It would appear that flying really brings out the worst in people. Fear, anxiety and frustration are all often associated with flying so some tension between passengers and crew-members is expected, but the barbaric way that these women behaved is beyond justification.

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