Hummus Restaurant In Israel Charged Chinese Tourists Over $4,300

An Israeli tourist association was outraged to learn that eight Chinese tourists on one of their tours had been royally ripped off by a village restaurant.

Eight Chinese diners allegedly got scammed by a popular hummus restaurant in a scenic Israeli village.

The renowned Abu Ghosh Restaurant is listed on TripAdvisor as one of the best spots to eat hummus in the village of the same name, which is in the hills near Jerusalem, Israel.

Now, the group of Chinese tourists claim they would not recommend that their friends visit Israel because of the incident.

The travelers were charged 16,500 shekel ($4,393) for a meal at Abu Ghosh, The Telegraph reports.

A typical meal at the popular eatery is usually an affordable $15; but, a co-owner insisted that the tour group had requested special treatment, hence the hefty bill.

The Israeli tour operators association posted the bill that the tourists received on social media, noting that the tourists had been deceived. The association said, “There may be a billion Chinese, but they may not all be suckers. These Chinese said they would not be back and would not recommend their friends to visit Israel.”

One of the restaurant’s owners, millionaire Jawdat Ibrahim, told The Guardian that the amount due on the bill was justifiable, but the tourism association denied this claim.

Ibrahim explained that the tourist party had rented half of the restaurant, stayed for hours until late in the night, and ordered large portions of grilled meat and alcohol.

The co-owner said in his defense, “I was told they were very important people and they wanted to reserve a special section of the restaurant on Friday night, our busiest day. We provided them with their own bar and expensive drinks and a whole stuffed lamb, which cost me a lot.”

The tourists apparently didn’t complain at the time they received the bill, which probably would have been more tactful than posting it later on social media. Ibrahim continued, “They seemed happy and gave us a large tip and then someone put the bill on Facebook! People don’t understand of course we have meals that cost $15 but this was special.”

Not only did Ibrahim double down on the bill’s sum, but he insisted that the tourists should have paid more. He told Israeli newspaper Globes, “The truth is that I thought that they should pay much more, since I had no other diners that day.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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