Hurricane Matthew Trapped These Honeymooners In Jamaica

Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in the Caribbean has only just begun, but a couple on their honeymoon is keeping their cool despite the ominous weather.

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As Hurricane Matthew strikes down in Haiti, the repercussions of the Caribbean storm have two American honeymooners in Jamaica feeling a bit "under the weather."

After tying the knot on Saturday, Dustin and Shelby Knoer traveled from Tempe, Arizona to Montego Bay, Jamaica to celebrate their honeymoon. But, their Tuesday flight back home was canceled thanks to the raging storm and its driving rains.

Unfortunately for the cook and dental assistant, Montego Bay and its local airport are directly in the hurricane's path, NBC reported, and the airport had to close.

Despite reports of injuries and damages in the region, the Knoers are doing their best to stay upbeat.

In an interview with NBC, Dustin Knoer said, “They’re already boarding up the windows right next door. When the storm hits, I am excited, because we don’t experience anything like this in Arizona.”

He is, however, starting to get a little worried that he and his new wife might be in over their heads, since they are now trapped on the island until the storm blows over. He said, “[They’re] clearing out the grocery store… so I’m like, ‘What are you guys really not telling me?’”

NBC reported that the hotel employees where the Knoers are staying have expressed fears regarding the impending destruction that Hurricane Matthew may cause.  

Dustin Knoer remains positive though, in spite of local worries and possibly common sense. He considers having a hurricane during their honeymoon to be “extra, extra good luck…” considering the luck that is believed to be with rain on one’s wedding day. “We’re off to a good start,” he said.

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