Iconic Photo Of 5-Year-Old Syrian Boy Turned Into Powerful Painting

A street artist in London painted the likeness of a five-year-old boy who was injured as a result of an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria last week.

omran daqneesh

The plight of Omran Daqneesh, the five-year-old Syrian boy whose heartbreaking photo went viral last week, will never be forgotten thanks to a London street artist who painted the child’s likeness on a wall at King’s Cross.

The image of Daqneesh’s dazed expression while sitting completely still after being injured in Aleppo, Syria highlighted the consequences of the ongoing war.

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a major topic of world interest as asylum-seekers have been trekking to countries near and far in hopes of escaping their ravaged homeland.

The artist known only as "Pegasus" is responsible for London’s new painting of Daqneesh. He is known for his pieces based on contemporary world issues, according to Mashable.

The black and white painting is a modified replication of Daqneesh’s iconic photo, but instead of sitting in a chair, the boy is sitting on a stack of blocks that read, “End War.”

"When I first saw the images and footage of Omran, it broke my heart and I felt compelled to help bring awareness to the devastating consequences of war," Pegasus reportedly said.

"I decided to use the image of Omran to address the fact that the innocent and vulnerable are usually the most likely victims of war," he added.

It took the artist three days to finish the piece. He said he’s in contact with charities that focus on aiding Syrian children.

"Once I have spoken with each and have made my decision, I intend [to release] the image as a limited edition print with all proceeds going to the chosen organization," he said.

Pegasus’s efforts are noble, and will hopefully raise awareness and contribute to saving innocent children caught in the crossfire of a battle they have no control over.

It’s painful to think about how many people are unapologetically rejecting and fearing refugees when you see heartbreaking images like the one of Daqneesh and the one last year of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose lifeless body washed up on Turkey’s shores after the boat he was on capsized.

The world cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it’s the vulnerable and innocent who are enduring the most suffering. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @trueviralnews

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