Immigrants Resist President Trump By Proclaiming #ImAlreadyHome

Immigrants are not standing by while President Donald Trump tries to demonize them. They are using the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome to set the record straight.

President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies are coming to fruition following the executive orders he signed on Wednesday instructing the construction of a wall along the United States-Mexico border and a threat to crack down on sanctuary cities that offer refuge to illegal immigrants by stripping their federal funding.

In response, many immigrants shared stories of how their families have lived, loved, and worked in the U.S. for generations under the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome.

The Huffington Post’s Latino Voices initiated the effort by asking its readers to share their family history. They compiled a list of some of the best responses they received, and all we can say is: Grab the tissues.

Reading the stories and seeing photographs of immigrants who have contributed to this country through military service, professional sports, entrepreneurship, the education system, the agriculture industry, and those who settled here simply to raise their families in the “land of the free” will surely tug on your heartstrings.

Since you obviously need a reminder, this is what makes America great, Mr. President. 

 Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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