Random People Were Asked To Speak At A Graduation And They Nailed It

An improv group asked unsuspecting New Yorkers to give a commencement speech at a graduation ceremony and it turned out to be incredible.

Commencement speeches are a big part of any graduation ceremony.

The speakers are mostly famous people with at least some experience at public speaking and have a chance to prepare for the event in advance.

But what would happen if the said speaker doesn’t show up for the ceremony and the college had to ask a random person, who has not even been to that college, to fill in for the last-minute cancelation?

A YouTube channel, Improv Everywhere, put this theory to test and staged a fake graduation ceremony at Bryant Park in New York. The “dean” of the college then asked complete strangers to be their impromptu commencement speaker. 

While some said no (it is a big responsibility, folks!), a few brave souls agreed  and to everyone’s astonishment, they all nailed it with their inspirational messages and motivational quotes.

Belonging to various age groups, these strangers discussed a wide variety of topics.

“Reach for the stars and live your life to the fullest,” a woman named Sue told the graduating class, while another woman exclaimed, “You guys are all going to kick ass in real life.”

Another person pulled a famous Susan Sontag quote from her phone to make things look more official and an elderly Hawaiian man actually broke into a song after giving a useful piece of advice.

“Our business is not simply for our commercial interest, but the most important is for the benefit of the society,” he said.

Although it was a social experiment, the speeches got many people teary-eyed.

Watch the complete ceremony in the video above.

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