Jimmy Kimmel Proves Trump Is Lying About His Relationship With Putin

"[Trump] says he has no deals in Russia," Jimmy Kimmel says to the audience, "and if you can't take his word for it, take his other word for it."

People voted for President Donald Trump because they liked how he "tells you how it is," the BBC reported just after the election. One Trump supporter said, verbatim, "He does not allow lies to live. He just exposes things."

In the same vein, another Trump voter said, "Donald Trump is very real and very sincere. We're tired of being cheated."

In keeping with sincerity, these folks could not be more disillusioned about Trump's character, which is — at its very core — dishonest, and plainly so. 

Comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out Trump's hypocrisy in a recent segment. In just two minutes, he proved all the double-dealing Trump's engaged in regarding his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin (which he denies exist).

Trump is a boldfaced liar. To watch the video below and still doubt this fact would be denying truth at face value. 

"President Trump is mad as a hornet," Kimmel begins. (Question: When is he not?)

The host reads Trump's tweet and then comments, "You know, there actually was a time in our history when if a president used the phrase, 'haters are going crazy,' we might be alarmed. We might even be told to remain in our homes if the haters were going crazy."

"Trump says he doesn't know Vladimir Putin," Kimmel continues. "They did match up on Tinder, they went on one date. Says he has no deals in Russia, and if you can't take his word for it, take his other word for it."

Alternative word, indeed.

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