Shocking Video Shows More Than 200 People Pass By Hit-And-Run Victim

The accident itself was bad enough. But what was worse was people’s reaction – or the lack of it – as they passed by on the road.

A man identified as Matibool was apparently on his way home early in the morning when a tempo (three-wheeler vehicle) hit him in Delhi, India. The CCTV footage shows him flying to the side of the road where he collapsed in a heap. Soon, blood could be seen spreading around him.

The driver got out of his car, checked his vehicle for damage and just drove away.

Around 200 people proceeded to pass by Matibool without stopping until one man finally showed some interest. However, before the viewers could breathe a sigh of relief, he picked up the man’s wallet and phone and walked off.

The police finally arrived at the scene after nearly two hours and took the victim to the hospital, but he had already died from excessive bleeding.

“We found some documents in his pocket and contacted his colleagues at the company where he worked as a guard. They told us that Matibool had completed his night shift and left for home around 5 a.m.,” said the police.

“We have formed a team to identify the killer tempo driver and arrest him. Efforts are also on to identify the rickshaw puller who took away Matibool's mobile phone.”

“None of them have been identified yet but we will make sure to nab them.”

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