Pop Star Keeps Singing After Onstage Cobra Bite Until It's Too Late

The decision to keep performing for 45 minutes after the king cobra struck was ultimately a very, very bad one.

An Indonesian pop star gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “the show must go on” after she continued to perform despite being bitten by a venomous cobra onstage.

Irma Bule was singing at a village in Karawang, in the province of West Java, when suddenly she stepped on one of the snakes she was using as props onstage and it bit her.

Since the 29-year-old refused to take any kind of antidote, believing the snake was defanged, she continued to perform for 45 minutes after the bite.

Soon, Bule began having seizures and started vomiting. She was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

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Bule was locally known for using dangerous reptiles, though usually non-venomous pythons or defanged snakes.

“My daughter might not have known that the snake that was given to her for the show was a dangerous cobra,” Bule's mother, Encum, told Indonesian news site Si Momot, according to the Daily Mail. “She was told she could wear it, even though its mouth was not closed with duct tape.”

“I don't know what started her off using a snake,” she added. “But she would wrap it around her neck while dancing and sometimes she would wrap it around the music player.”

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Bule is survived by her husband and three young children, ages 8, 6 and 4. The Jakarta police are currently looking into the incident.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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